Virtual Curiouser & Curiouser: Insights from Our March 2020 Innovation Showcase

The Event

In times of uncertainty, our community found great comfort in the digital Curiouser event we hosted this week. If you’ve attended past Curiousers, you know it’s about building relationships with amazing people and sharing exceptional ideas. The same concept stood true for the virtual edition. 

The Highlights 

Zach set the tone sharing a powerful song and reflective poem:

Eduardo shared a heartfelt story about getting to know the neighborhood kids, and Jeff shared a moving, personal account of his accident and how to use reframing as a coping strategy to achieve success — listen to it below.  


Ole joined us from quarantine to highlight how Norwegian youth are investing their alcohol money to buy supplies for those in need, while Carolina reminded us of the power of true authenticity and how the current circumstances are helping many people to be brave and be themselves. 

Katie, a lifelong athlete, shared what it means to “work-in” and gave many recommendations to ways to get a good workout now

Dr. Raghu helped us realize that we are all greving in various ways and how communities can help us honor and validate us while we go through this process. 

Zach shared the power of real-time events illustrated by his ability to join virtual shabbats, and Purnima shared how these limiting conditions are helping us expand our horizons and learn things that we’d have never learnt before. For example, 80% of people joining these live classes are trying BollyX for the first time.


Creative Credit: Please let us know if this is yours.

Andrew shared his idea for a social media platform to guide and inspire us with helpful, real-time streaming recommendations.

Jackie shared her connection to movement and dance and invited us to look at a powerful resource for dancers.  

What’s hard to communicate in writing was the power of being together as a community and the love and support we shared together. Friendships and conversation, combined with curiosity, are powerful—and they moved us. 


An Invitation

To join our next Curiouser, simply let us know you’re interested. If a spot is available, we’ll add you. 

With love, 

—Team refine+focus


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