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Ted Karkus


Cold-EEZE (ProPhase Labs)

...Whenever I need an effective, creative marketing or strategy solution for our business, refine+focus is my go to consulting firm who has delivered time after time after time. They have worked closely with us in building winning go-to-market well as assisting us in the research and development of new products. refine+focus is our "secret weapon," able to respond to our critical and urgent strategic needs. They are one of the only firms that I trust 100% with our business needs.

Jon-Andreas Solberg

Strategy and Policy Advisor


The UNHabitat Youth Fund is a leading and unique UN program for partnering with young social entrepreneurs at the grassroots level through a web of support programs. Through our pro-bono partnership with refine+focus, we have developed new programs, streamlined our strategic thinking and opened up new avenues to strengthen our brand and program. I would recommend anyone with a desire of improving their strategy or program to work with refine+focus.

Andrew Slack


Harry Potter Alliance

refine+focus transformed us. With their trademark warmth and humor coupled with sharp and fearless insight, they led us in tackling our internal struggles regarding staff and capacity building, guided us toward a focus and clarity of mission. Thanks to their tireless coaching, I received a fellowship in social justice innovation by the Nathan Cummings Foundation as they then took us to the next level, supporting our fundraising, staff, morale, shared sense of purpose, and working with us to create a three year plan in an intense process of strategic planning. Our campaigns have become far more effective, gaining more media coverage and more strategic partnerships.

Scott Miller

VP Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf to help us drive Mother’s Day. Overall sales finished up about 43% to last year. Web traffic was up 82% and web orders increased by 50% -- a huge win for Dancing Deer.

Robb Mason

Vice President of Marketing


refine+focus is a partner that works closely to understand how to message in the right way to benefit the positioning of the company and where that message needs to go. refine+focus’ ability to communicate through the organization and to touch so many parts of the company help them deliver great results

Hemakshi Meghani

Program Manager


refine+focus team is meticulous, creative, driven, humorous and deliberate. The team helped our Delhi based organization Indus Action explore ways to structure a platform meant to connect disadvantaged families with volunteers in India. The session took form of an extremely well designed and rich workshop. Every detail was thought through, and the knowledge, care and fluidity were just the right ingredients for a very useful exercise. To make 8 strangers care about an organization does take the right and powerful intention, and we are so grateful to the team for giving Indus Action this guidance and support. Their follow ups have been extremely pointed and action oriented. They are true masters of creating an invigorating, open and thoughtful space to make magic happen!

Steve Ellis

Head Of Creative at Smooth FM Northwest

Guardian Media Group

When I worked for the Guardian Media Group, refine+focus was hired to train a new team of Digital Media Executives, of which I was one. The standard of training and inspiration I gained from Zach was explosive and I have never looked back since. … If you are wondering whether refine+focus will make a difference to you and your business, you are asking the wrong question. The question you want to ask is, "Can I cope with the success they will create?"

Phill Clark

Group Interactive Development Manager

Guardian Media Group

refine+focus has worked with us at Guardian Media Group Radio over the past few years and has provided fantastic insight into digital media commercial strategy. They helped me refine my management style and approach to projects.

Taylor King

Brand Strategist


Through Zach and refine+focus, I learned how to be comfortable with the unknown, how to make clarity from ambiguity, and how to approach business challenges in different, more holistic ways. This type of thinking made the wider team and myself more thoughtful and effective brand strategists....One of the most important business lessons I learned while working for refine+focus is the power of relationships. Zach is deeply committed to the people and businesses he works with, which gave me a new outlook on what “partnership” means.
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