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Empowered Women: Improving Productivity Through Mindfulness, a Conversation with Chitra Lele

Chitra Lele is a world record-holding author of 40 books, who has won over 70 awards and certifications. All before the age of 30.

A multitalented, busy woman, Chitra can be found wearing several hats at any given point- either working as a software consultant, churning out books, writing research papers, or inspiring people through her well-followed LinkedIn.

To most of us, balancing all this might sound unimaginable or overwhelming. But with the help of mindfulness, she has formulated simple ways to balance it all with time to help others.

In our newest episode, Chitra shares her secrets of how she does it – to empower us in balancing it all too.

Learn the simple techniques of deep breathing, mind mapping, emotional tapping, distraction reduction, and other intelligent ways to remain mindful and grounded.

What are your own techniques in improving productivity and living an ambitious, yet peaceful life?

Empowered Women: Safety First When Traveling Solo, A Conversation with Stephanie Neyhart

Always wanted to go on a solo travel but didn’t know how to be safe?

That’s why we spoke to expedition extraordinaire Stephanie Neyhart one more time – and this time she graciously shares with us her secrets on how to stay safe while traveling alone.

How to take calculated risks, and enjoy the adventures while being safe.

Listen and learn more about Stef’s awe-inspiring life story alongside some invaluable travel tips and tricks from someone who has spent her life traveling all over the world!

Do you travel alone for work or leisure? Do you have any travel tips and tricks that we should know?

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