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Empowered Women: Making the Most Out of Your Career, a Conversation with Madge Meyer

Madge Meyer, Ex CIO at State Street, a lifelong innovator, an award-winning author, a public-speaker and so much more. Very early in her career IBM placed her on a crucial space program with NASA, as a scientific programmer.

She obviously has had an enviable career trajectory. When it comes to learning from others’ careers, enviable means the biggest learning opportunity! Madge has been kind enough to share her career secrets with us and tell us how-she-did-it.

We often know what our dream job is but don’t know how to achieve it. Other times we are in one field of work and wonder how we can transition to another that aligns more with our passions and skills. No better person than Madge to tell us about how-to-transition as she has cemented her feet in different fields and used her intelligence and skill set to reach the heights in every goal she has set her eyes on.

In this latest episode of EWS with Madge Meyer, discover how you can build a career as prolific as hers. Is there any field of work besides your own that you want to dabble in? Do you want an expansive career ranging over different fields or just one?

Empowered Women: Improving Productivity Through Mindfulness, a Conversation with Chitra Lele

Chitra Lele is a world record-holding author of 40 books, who has won over 70 awards and certifications. All before the age of 30.

A multitalented, busy woman, Chitra can be found wearing several hats at any given point- either working as a software consultant, churning out books, writing research papers, or inspiring people through her well-followed LinkedIn.

To most of us, balancing all this might sound unimaginable or overwhelming. But with the help of mindfulness, she has formulated simple ways to balance it all with time to help others.

In our newest episode, Chitra shares her secrets of how she does it – to empower us in balancing it all too.

Learn the simple techniques of deep breathing, mind mapping, emotional tapping, distraction reduction, and other intelligent ways to remain mindful and grounded.

What are your own techniques in improving productivity and living an ambitious, yet peaceful life?

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