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2020: The Most Startup-Minded, Tech & Data-Driven Political Campaign…Ever.

August 5th, 2019 by


October 8, 2019 6:00 pm

“Presidential campaigns are some of the fastest growing startup cultures in existence – doing more with less and scaling faster than ever both with talent, technology, and digital efforts.

Deepfakes, foreign election meddling, and other incidents have highlighted how cutting-edge technology might be harming our democratic process…but it’s also helping.  Political campaigns on both sides are extraordinarily digitally savvy, using all means of technology available to learn about and reach voters, but also scaling to grow to an ever-changing daily campaign grind.

Join us on October 8th for a bipartisan panel discussion with some of the most talented Democrat and Republican operatives in the business, deeply involved in the 2020 election cycle at the highest level, who will discuss:

  • How a startup mentality influences a campaign (especially a Presidential primary campaign)
  • The current state of data-driven campaigning on the Democrat and Republican side
  • Tactics and strategies to “fail fast” on campaigns, and do more with less
  • What new tools will be used in 2020 for the first time? “



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