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Empowered Women: How to Navigate the Social Impact Sector, a Conversation with Karen Ansara

Interested in the world of fundraising and philanthropy?

Now you have the opportunity to learn more from an industry expert, Karen Ansara, about the ins and outs of social justice work.

From putting yourself out there and taking advantage of every opportunity you can get your hands on, to maintaining work-life balance, to finding something you’re passionate about and running with it, Karen’s advice spans the world of philanthropy as well as applying to other career paths and aspects of life.

Listen and learn more about following your passion and keeping your creative juices flowing throughout different parts of life.

Have you ever been part of a fundraising effort? Do you have any philanthropy tips and tricks that we should know?


Empowered Women: Making the Most Out of Your Career, a Conversation with Madge Meyer

Madge Meyer, Ex CIO at State Street, a lifelong innovator, an award-winning author, a public-speaker and so much more. Very early in her career IBM placed her on a crucial space program with NASA, as a scientific programmer.

She obviously has had an enviable career trajectory. When it comes to learning from others’ careers, enviable means the biggest learning opportunity! Madge has been kind enough to share her career secrets with us and tell us how-she-did-it.

We often know what our dream job is but don’t know how to achieve it. Other times we are in one field of work and wonder how we can transition to another that aligns more with our passions and skills. No better person than Madge to tell us about how-to-transition as she has cemented her feet in different fields and used her intelligence and skill set to reach the heights in every goal she has set her eyes on.

In this latest episode of EWS with Madge Meyer, discover how you can build a career as prolific as hers. Is there any field of work besides your own that you want to dabble in? Do you want an expansive career ranging over different fields or just one?

Empowered Women: Improving Productivity Through Mindfulness, a Conversation with Chitra Lele

Chitra Lele is a world record-holding author of 40 books, who has won over 70 awards and certifications. All before the age of 30.

A multitalented, busy woman, Chitra can be found wearing several hats at any given point- either working as a software consultant, churning out books, writing research papers, or inspiring people through her well-followed LinkedIn.

To most of us, balancing all this might sound unimaginable or overwhelming. But with the help of mindfulness, she has formulated simple ways to balance it all with time to help others.

In our newest episode, Chitra shares her secrets of how she does it – to empower us in balancing it all too.

Learn the simple techniques of deep breathing, mind mapping, emotional tapping, distraction reduction, and other intelligent ways to remain mindful and grounded.

What are your own techniques in improving productivity and living an ambitious, yet peaceful life?

Empowered Women: Safety First When Traveling Solo, A Conversation with Stephanie Neyhart

Always wanted to go on a solo travel but didn’t know how to be safe?

That’s why we spoke to expedition extraordinaire Stephanie Neyhart one more time – and this time she graciously shares with us her secrets on how to stay safe while traveling alone.

How to take calculated risks, and enjoy the adventures while being safe.

Listen and learn more about Stef’s awe-inspiring life story alongside some invaluable travel tips and tricks from someone who has spent her life traveling all over the world!

Do you travel alone for work or leisure? Do you have any travel tips and tricks that we should know?

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Empowered Women: Tips for Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Most of us have been a mentees and some of us have been mentors, too. Mentor-mentee relationship helps us achieve our career and life goals, develop our strengths, and most importantly, the best ones create friendships that will last a lifetime. Dr. Bhakti More gives most effective tips on how we can create and maintain these relationships and have them work for us.

Dr. Bhakti More is a master at this art. She has developed a mentorship program at Manipal Academy called Manipal Beyond Gender where she has mentored hundreds of young women and men to take risks and reach their potential. Her insights are invaluable and her passion for the subject inspiring. She uses her own experiences of a mentee to tell us what it takes to be a successful mentor and what a mentee needs to do to get the most out of this relationship.

Which mentor/mentee relationship has been the most integral to your life? How has this relationship helped you the most?

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Empowered Women: Finding Story Behind the Story with Jody Seay

Most of us wish we could write well, many of us want to write a book. Not many of us know how-to and where-to start or what-to-do.

That’s why award winning author Jody Seay, awesome person that she is, shares her experience of writing. So that we can learn and may be write a book on our own. One day.

Jody credits her late mother for kindling her love for storytelling. As an accomplished author, she takes every opportunity to learn more about the people who inspire her essays and books. By taking upon a genuine interest in others and being passionate in everything she does, Jody has been awarded for a wide range of career successes.

Listen to Jody discuss how to look for the “story behind the story” and how that mindset helped her create her newest book, Almost a Murder. The less obvious story is the one that “touches people’s hearts.”

When we dig a little deeper, we often enhance our understanding of whom we are talking to, and we become better communicators. Armed with empathy, we may become stronger writers.

What story, event, or article are you going to explore more deeply today? May be even write a story about it?


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Empowered Women: A Unique Mentorship Program That Pays Forward, Explained by Dr. Bhakti More

Are you an accomplished woman who wants to help other women achieve success? But don’t know where to start or don’t have enough time to do it?

Most universities have mentorship programs and your alma matter might be the one where you start looking. If that’s not possible, may be you want to consider mature and successful programs at other universities like Manipal Beyond Gender.

As an educator and a driving force behind this program, Dr. More has been instrumental in inspiring and mentoring hundreds of young women and men. She has helped them get jobs, guided them through personal and career hurdles, and most importantly prepared them to become leaders in their field.

Watch Episode 9 of Empowered Women Series and learn from Dr. More’s experiences on how you can create inspiring mentor and mentee relationships.

If you were to design a dream mentorship program what will it have? Share with us!


Empowered Women: One Woman. Two Oars. And a Thousand Miles of River: The Solo Adventures of Stephanie Neyhart

The idea of traveling alone is daunting for many of us.

But for Stephanie Neyhart, her passionate love affair with exploring the great outdoors has been a constant throughout her whole life, stemming from her childhood growing up in rural Canada.

Since she first left home at 17, Stephanie has travelled throughout the Arctic, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and North America. Surviving war zones and teaching students along the way, today she encourages women to explore the world and remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.

As you read this, 65 year old Stephanie is currently on a three month solo expedition kayaking one thousand miles through the Yukon River (Yukon River Expedition!)

Listen to part one of her incredible story and learn about her current journey in our eighth episode of the Empowered Women Series:

What are your thoughts and ambitions when it comes to solo travels? What’s one thing that you’ve learned from your solo travels? Or, what is something that stopped you from traveling by yourself?

Empowered Women: Path to a Fulfilling Career with Jody Seay

Have you ever been told “You can’t be ____, because you’re a girl”?

Women often feel confined to only picking certain jobs or positions, and then are told to stick with what they do.

However, women should be encouraged to break those barriers and explore new career paths. The journey to your fulfillment could lie in an endeavor that you have yet to discover.

Just look at Jody Seay– a Texas Radio Hall of Fame winner, radio host, author, and professional rolfer– a successful woman who has earned a remarkable range of accomplishments throughout her diverse work experiences. Listen to Jody discuss her life and how she has continuously pursued opportunities for discovering new passions in this conversation.

Women never have to be just one thing. What is another interest you have that you would like to be able to explore further?

Empowered Women: What to Do When Called Bossy, Tips from Annette Ballou

Have ever been called bossy? I am sure you have. If you are a woman who ever tried to get anything done (which is all women) you are called bossy, at least once in your life.

Surprisingly this word is used only for women, and has a negative connotation.

When someone calls you “bossy” it’s often about their insecurities than about your personality or attitude.

In a quick conversation today Annette Ballou, J.D. Strategic Advisor to the President’s Office at University of Massachusetts, gives us quick and easy tips on what to do when you are called bossy.

Please let us know what are your thoughts on how to deal with the situation when called “bossy”.

I remember replying I am bossy because I am your boss. How do you reply/react? Would love to know!

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