danding deer

Dancing Deer

help organizations cultivate and actualize big ideas

Big idea: Dancing Deer Mother’s Day Ride. A 1,500-mile bike ride by Dancing Deer’s CEO Trish Karter to raise awareness about family homelessness

Strategy: Empower.  Provided Dancing Deer’s CEO with social media tools to connect with supporters in real-time by live tweeting, blogging, and the creation of viral content to drive awareness, engagement and interaction during her ride.

Results: A vibrant community of customers, fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, all supporting Trish and Dancing Deer. This newly engaged community became an asset for Dancing Deer’s ongoing marketing and PR initiatives. Achieved national and local recognition from government and media.

facilitate revenue growth and business development through innovative digital and social marketing solutions  

Strategy: Mother’s Day Digital/Social Marketing

Context: Dancing Deer sought new ways to drive sales for Mother’s Day, one of its biggest sales days. refine+focus built and executed a digital and social sales strategy to accomplish these goals.

Results: “Thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf to help us drive Mother’s Day. Overall sales finished up about 43% to last year. Web traffic was up 82% and web orders increased by 50% — a huge win for Dancing Deer.” – Scott Miller, VP Direct-to-Consumer Channel.


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