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Help organizations cultivate and actualize big ideas

Big idea: Cold-EEZE Improv-Ice.  Cold-EEZE sponsored a figure skating event televised on NBC with a viewership of 5 million. refine+focus extended the sponsorship’s impact through social and digital marketing campaigns.

Strategy: Extend and engage. Drove viewers from television to a Cold-EEZE website to vote on their favorite skater; and to a Cold-EEZE Facebook  contest for a chance to meet in Olympic skater.

Results: Over 40,000 votes on the microsite in 2 hours, and 80,000 total votes for the duration of the campaign. Increased the size of the Facebook community by 68%. Promotions tweeted by target-relevant influencers such as Olympians Brian Boitano and Kristi Yamaguchi.

Enable organizations to succeed by providing transformative strategies and resources

Strategy: Team building. When Ted Karkus became CEO, he needed a new team of agency partners capable of delivering significant retail sales results.

Results: refine+focus identified and vetted agency partners including the PR agency of record, the media-buying agency of record, the sampling agency, and the search-marketing agency. refine+focus plays a key role in coordinating these partners, and continues to collaborate with team members across the entire agency roster.