Leveraging Social Data for Brands: refine+focus CEO, Zachary Braiker speaks with CIO

Community managers have a lot of different backgrounds and skillets, but many of us share an interest in word choice. When representing a brand on social, searching for the words that create opportunities for engagement is not always easy due to the sheer amount of real-time data being generated.

Cold-EEZE, a cold remedy maker is one such client which we have helped break through the clutter by giving community managers the right tools to find people who are tweeting about cough and cold symptoms and helping them “Get Well Sooner”. By doing so, the company engages people at times when they are not only considering its category of products the most, but are likely to grateful for a brand that is listening.

Our CEO, Zachary Braiker was recently interviewed by CIO and spoke about the effectiveness of using simple tools such as Twitter’s native Search API for uncovering social data and fostering these types of genuine interactions. You can read the full article here.

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