Is Jux the Future of Blogging?

Here at refine+focus, we constantly seek out tools to help our clients tell the story of their brands. One of the newest ways to do so is Jux,  an NYC web startup that revamps the old-fashioned text-based blog format, opting instead to give publishers a beautiful canvas to create posts with an interactive full-screen experience. Flash forward five years, are we looking at the incumbent Tumblr-killer?

Here are five reasons why I think Jux is the future of web publishing:

1 – It’s Blogging for the Tablet Era
With Jux, you turn your content into a visual, immersive, full-screen adventure that invites readers to sit back and enjoy. One of my friends recently used Jux to showcase his one-month trip through the Colorado. Using a series of Instagram photos sprinkled with some captions, he was able to share a presentation that looked like a documentary on my iPad. And to think that it only took him only 15 minutes to create!

2 – Meet High-Definition 
You know that you’re creating a groundbreaking platform when you’re able to challenge the limits of what people thought was possible. Looking at a Jux presentation is what I would call an out-of-web experience; you won’t believe that all those high-resolution photos and videos you are seeing is from the internet.  I predict early adopters flocking to Jux  from the fashion, food and music world.

3 – Amplifying the Interest Graph
Imagine the power of Jux for social influencers who are currently telling the stories of their lives and preferences using existing web 2.0 tools such as Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Social networking is not going anywhere but the next big thing is going to be platforms that give people new ways to share their interests. This is one small step for web publishing, but one giant step for your stamp collection.

4 – Made in New York City 
It’s exciting to see a wave of  startups with an emphasis on design/media congregating in NYC. The city has the gravitas for this type of undertaking, backed by the power of the city’s media machine. It would also be fitting to point out that NY is beginning to <3 startups. Past winners include Foursquare, Tumblr, TheLadders, Gilt, and SecondMarket.

5 – A New Type of Content
One of the reasons that Jux is special is because it takes past elements of the social web and forges something unique. As the Justice Stewart would say, “I know it when I see it.” The web gives us the global network that makes it seamless to spread new types of content. Just think viral videos, infographics, mashups, etc. I look forward to seeing whether or not Jux will succeed in attracting others to adopt this evolutionary way of blogging. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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